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Days of Our Lives
July 21, 2008

Lucas is surprised when Chloe stops by the station house to say goodbye before he goes back to prison. She claims this is her fault but he won't let her take the blame.

After Sami complains that Lucas is headed for maximum security, she tells Marlena about her apartment becoming available again. Marlena urges her to leave E.J. and move back.

John interrupts and points out that Sami would lose custody of her son if she did that. After John advises Marlena about the court order, Sami accuses him of being on E.J.'s side.

Denying it, John suggests Sami rent her apartment to Ava. Sami reminds him that Ava is responsible for her grandfather's death but changes her mind when John considers inviting her to move into the mansion.

Caroline and Maggie welcome the baby as Kayla and Steve bring Joe home from the hospital. Kayla worries to Caroline that she won't be able to handle all they must do for their son.

Sami shows up at the door after showing Ava her apartment and gives them the bad news that Ava will be living across the hall from them. Kayla is outraged and blasts Sami and then Ava.

Steve invites Ava to find another place. After shutting the door, Steve tries to reassure Kayla that Ava is not a threat. Running into Chloe at the Pub, Sami states that it's her fault Lucas is on his way back to prison.

Marlena approaches Roman for his help getting John's memory back. She shows him the broken disc and asks if he'll arrange immunity for Rolf in exchange for fixing it. Instead, he offers to send it to the ISA and urges Marlena to forget about John because "he's a changed man."

Ava asks John if she can live with him but he explains that can't happen while he's still married to Marlena.

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Days of Our Lives
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