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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
July 22, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Chelsea gushes to Daniel about her work with the kids at the hospital and assures him that while she can't have children, some day she'll have children in her life.

Claiming Bo will be okay with it, Chelsea invites the doctor to dinner. When Bo worries about losing Victor so soon after Shawn, Caroline tries to comfort him, insisting that he will be fine.

Lexie shows Abe a list of therapeutic measures for Theo. Overwhelmed, Abe learns it will cost thousands a month to treat their autistic son so she suggests using his college fund to make ends meet.

Abe then gets a call about a "break" in the Hollingsworth case. Mentioning Bo's name, Kate reassures a worried Philip that the recording of his threat to Paul is gone.

Philip hints that he's done an unspeakable thing but won't tell her what it was. Kate leaves when Morgan arrives. Her stay is short-lived because Abe calls and asks her to come to the station house.

There, Abe tells her that they found Paul's coat in the river. Bo's uncomfortable when Chelsea arrives for dinner with Daniel.

In another room, Daniel worries to Bo that something is stressing Victor out but Bo won't talk. Hearing that Victor's condition worsened the last few times he and Philip visited him, Daniel tells Bo that he's not allowing his patient anymore visitors.

Later, Daniel decides to go look at an apartment. He invites Chelsea to join him but she decides to stay and help Bo and Caroline.

Later, he meets Kate and she assures him that Chelsea will never know the truth. On the train in France, Stephanie wakes and finds a stranger in her sleeping car. He tries to rob her but she sprays him with her pepper spray.

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