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Days of Our Lives
July 31, 2008

Episode Recap

At the Java Trent asks Nick again about his friend Max and finally reveals that Max is his son. He asks him not to tell anyone though.

Once Trent leaves, Nick hits the Internet and finds the mystery girl's website and realizes she's probably Max's sister.

At the hospital Roman's upset when he sees a bruised Lucas.

Lucas assures him he got close enough to the drug dealer to learn that he's still trafficking drugs but then his cover was blown and claims he was almost killed because of it.

As Lucas asks if he's free now that he helped them out, Chloe and Nicole enter and are surprised to hear this. Lucas explains that he made a deal with "the Feds" and the governor has commuted his sentence.

After Nicole leaves, Lucas tells Chloe he's been thinking about her while he was back in prison. Out in the hall, Nicole urges Chloe to forget about Lucas because Sami's still in his life.

Roman calls Sami and reports that Lucas is in the hospital.

There, she's shocked to see his bruises but he reports that he's coming home. He claims he did this for the kids and stuns her by admitting he thinks they need some time apart.

Nicole tells E.J. that Trent is blackmailing her and asks for his help because she never divorced the guy. He warns that her divorce settlement from Victor could be canceled if this comes out.

Nicole also admits Trent ordered her to stay away from E.J. In France a stranger approaches Max and asks him about "Mel."

As he presses him, Max guesses the guy doesn't know where she is either. The stranger offers to stop looking for Melanie if Max will pay him what she owes him.

When Max claims he doesn't have much, the stranger hints that he may never see his girlfriend again.

Max counters that Melanie is not his girlfriend. Nick calls Stephanie and asks her to tell Nick that he thinks he can find his sister through her "Party Girl" blog.

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