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Days of Our Lives
June 10, 2008 Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives, Philip finds Chloe with her bags packed, leaving Victor's mansion but can't convince her to stay.

He does agree to meet her for dinner and then kisses her. Getting a call, Philip is told that the mystery disc actually has brain waves recorded on it. Paul tells John that he is not working for Philip.

Morgan arrives in time to hear John ask her father if he planted the drugs at the docks. Paul denies it and when he claims he could have turned John in many times for some of the things he's done, John issues a veiled threat. Morgan interrupts and asks what he means.

The two men downplay what they were discussing but Morgan warns John to stay away from her father. Later, Paul calls Philip and demands the rest of his money for planting the drugs.

Stephanie's taken aback when Max lays into Dean Robbins at the Pub. Max orders him to get out but Robbins asks how a bartender can claim to know so much about scientific matters. Concerned about him, Stephanie slips into his room upstairs and returns with a photo of a woman.

He's upset she went snooping and explains that the woman in the picture is his real mother.

She suggests he search for her. Sami tells Lucas that she wants them to be a family and has forgiven him for his past mistakes.

Lucas claims he won't talk about a relationship with her until he sees the signed divorce papers. John interrupts and seeks Sami's advice about a fragrance for his date tonight.

She reminds him he's married. Morgan approaches Philip for help dealing with John.

Running into Chloe, Sami lays into her for ruining Brady's life and not remaining in Europe to help him.

Chloe spots Philip with Morgan and leaves. Lucas pays a mystery man for a device to unlock his ankle monitor and runs out. As he watches Chloe at the docks, Sami discovers his ankle monitor.

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Days of Our Lives
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