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Days of Our Lives
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June 12, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Max insists he only "cleaned up" Nick's research work but Nick won't allow Max to manipulate him.

After some private talk, Robbins tells them both that he doesn't think Max is capable of making any significant changes in Nick's work.

Max accuses Robbins of basing his book on a phony hypothesis. Nick insists on talking alone with Max. They end up at the docks where a fire is raging.

When Max claims he's hidden his abilities and stayed out of school, Nick asks him to take an IQ test. Max refuses and later warns Robbins to let Nick finish his prototype or he'll tell everyone who Robbins is.

Chloe's disgusted to walk in on Philip and Morgan kissing. She warns that the problems between Philip and John are going to get worse.

Philip insists he did not plant the drugs to frame John. Paul calls Philip and lets him know that he's taken care of the shipment.

Lucas lies to Sami that he has been upstairs all this time. She asks him to trust her and wants him to tell her the truth.

He guesses that she'll keep his secret until she gets angry with him and starts telling people. Upset, Sami warns that she knows he left the house but Lucas won't confirm it.

John interrupts and complains about their constant arguing. Sami blasts him for being with Ava and lets Ava have it too.

Hope arrives and also asks why Ava is there. She then tells John that a fire at the docks has destroyed his impounded goods and he fears his insurance won't cover it.

After Hope leaves, Ava watches John fume and, turned on, kisses him. After the kiss, Marlena interrupts. Bo tells Philip about the suspicious fire but he claims innocence.

Later, Philip tells Paul he didn't ask him to burn the place down. After Bo leaves, Chloe decides to move out again but Philip kisses her and insists that she is the woman for him.

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