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Days of Our Lives
June 16 Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Kayla tells Steve about the problem between Nick and Max. She points out it seems like Max is living a double life. E.J. stops by the mansion to ask Victor again about a settlement offer for Nicole.

Philip interrupts but Victor gets him to leave. E.J. warns Victor he'll be charged with fraud for faking his death but Victor's unimpressed by the blackmail attempt.

E.J. goes on to warn his dirty laundry will come out in public and again demands that he settle. Nicole arrives and asks if Victor has agreed to the settlement.

He rips up the document and refuses to sign anything.

Nicole calls in Henderson and places an orders for a huge party, all at Victor's expense. Sending Henderson away, Victor agrees to settle but for half the amount.

E.J. starts to fight him but Nicole accepts the deal.

Sami again presses Lucas to admit that he slipped out after removing his ankle monitor. He denies it and decides that either she or E.J. should move out.

When Chloe asks to speak to Lucas, he makes sure that Sami is gone and not secretly listening. She asks why he went to the docks and tricks him into admitting it.

Before her surgery, Kate announces to Daniel and Chelsea that she won't allow him to operate because he's a family friend. Hearing this, Philip ties to convince Kate to change her mind.

Instead, the nurse tells them that Dr. Stall will be doing the operating. Later, Daniel tells Victor and Philip that the operation is going well.

Max slips out of bed and over to Dean Robbins' room where he breaks in and starts snooping. As he does so, Robbins runs into Nicole at the Pub and greets her like an old friend.

He takes her back to his place just after Max found a photo from the past. Unable to find Max, Stephanie enlists Nick to help her find him.

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