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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Chloe starts to leave Philip's room at the mansion but he reminds her she's divorced now and should be in the mood for some fun. The two fall into bed and afterwards, Chloe opts to leave so Victor won't find them together.

As she grabs her robe, she knocks the disc to the floor. He grabs it and puts it away, refusing to tell her what it is. Unable to stop one of the twins from crying, Sami tells Lucas that E.J. can quiet the tot.

Lucas insists he can help and offers to sing the same song E.J. sings to the babies. Sami's surprised when his effort works. E.J. continues to drink with Nicole and claims that the annulment isn't valid because they had sex.

However, he then leans in and reveals that the annulment actually is valid but he intends to lie to Sami. He also slurs that he hasn't really forgiven Lucas for shooting him but again he lied to Sami.

Maggie calls Sami to ask her to come to the restaurant to remove her drunk husband. Sami reminds her they're not married anymore but rushes to the Chez Rouge and forces E.J. to leave with her. Morgan asks her father about the drug bust at the docks but Paul insists he had nothing to do with that.

Bo spots Paul and decides to ask him a few questions. First, Paul takes a call from Philip and puts him off and then assures Bo he thinks the grand jury will not indict him.

As he leaves, Bo and Hope both guess Paul knows more than he's saying. Roman and Abe question John about the shipping containers at the docks but John continues to insist he's been set up.

After pleading not guilty at his hearing, Abe and Roman tell John he can leave because Marlena paid his bail. At the mansion John reports to Lucas, Sami and E.J. that Marlena left him. Waiting for her parents, Max assures Stephanie that he loves her and only wants what's best for her.

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Days of Our Lives
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