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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 6.3.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, hearing Lucas calling Mickey about finding a new place to stay, Sami asks him to reconsider and forgive her for sleeping with E.J. John interrupts and Sami reveals that Marlena left because Eric was injured in a car accident.

After John leaves, Lucas accuses her of caring about John. Kate arrives and announces that she's going to move Lucas out of the mansion. Sami insists he's staying with her and the twins. Kate calls Roman but Lucas stops her and Sami thanks him with a hug. Chloe finds Philip with a woman named Yvonne who asks him why he sent for her.

Chloe interrupts so Philip introduces her to Titan employee Yvonne Lee. When Chloe meets with a realtor about finding a condo to buy, Philip asks her to reconsider but she reminds him that Victor will be back soon. Returning to Yvonne, Philip hands her the disc and asks her to decode it.

Steve tells Kayla that their baby's condition is getting worse. As Hope, Bo and Caroline discuss the changes they're making for the sake of the environment, Chelsea interrupts. Kayla calls Hope about her baby while Stephanie gives Max a call so he hurries to the hospital to be with her.

There, the family is encouraged when the baby's condition improves. Hungover, E.J. asks Nicole if he did anything "wrong" last night. She assures him he didn't and later tells John that she saw Philip in bed with Chloe. John calls Philip and asks to meet.

Chloe decides to follow him. E.J. returns home to find Sami embracing Lucas. He interrupts and then lies that because they had sex, the annulment isn't valid. Kate hears this and is shocked to hear Sami slept with him. Lucas reacts by ordering Sami to get a quickie divorce.

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Days of Our Lives
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