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Days of Our Lives
June 4, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

At the Pub Max reacts when he arrives for his shift and finds Nick working with Professor Robbins. Max who blows up at Pete the bartender when he won't take the next shift as a favor to him.

Morgan asks if he's okay but Max storms out and heads for his community service work at the docks. As Paul hides at the docks, Morgan and Chloe run into each other while looking for John and Philip.

Paul hears Nicole promise Chloe that she won't allow her to ruin Philip's life. After the women leave, Morgan arrives which upsets Paul. He tells his daughter it's not safe there anymore.

Tired of the way he's been treated at the docks, Max attacks his thug of a boss and gets the upper- hand until Paul stops him. Nick and Stephanie arrive and ask Max what he's doing.

John confronts Philip at the Kiriakis mansion and though Philip denies knowing anything about the drugs found there, John accuses him of planting them and guesses that the person he hired to do his dirty work will eventually turn him in.

He then heads to the docks to check on a shipment. There, he gets into an argument with Max. Chloe encourages Philip until Victor returns and orders Chloe to get out. Though Lucas offers to watch both twins, E.J. insists that Sami not leave Johnny with him.

Sami decides to take the boy with her. Lucas calls her later when he's unable to stop Allie from crying. When Allie runs out, Lucas chases after her and brings her back.

The police arrive and arrest him for leaving the house. Sami spends time with E.J. and Johnny. Nicole interrupts and hints to Sami that her marriage isn't what she thinks it is.

Sami says she doesn't care what she thinks and then confronts Lucas at the station house, blasting him for what happened.

When Abe invites Lexie to lunch, the two trade complaints about Theo and then argue about how each is handling this problem. Daniel confesses to Chelsea that he's been "hooking up" with another woman in Salem but can't tell her who she is.

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Days of Our Lives
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