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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 6.5.08

Today on Days of Our Lives,

Nicole bursts into the mansion and announces to E.J. that she needs her divorce finalized because she needs the money she expects to get. Sami interrupts, holding Allie and accompanied by Salem's finest and Lucas.

As the baby starts crying, Lucas warns Sami he doesn't want E.J. anywhere near his daughter but E.J. takes Allie and quickly quiets her. Lucas insists he went outside and set off his ankle bracelet because Allie wandered outside.

Upset, E.J. privately tells Sami that Lucas deserves to be in jail. Nicole butts in and after the officer leaves, Lucas and E.J. argue about the kids again. Stephanie prevents Max and John from fighting.

Once Stephanie takes Max away, John is troubled by a memory of his brainwashing, just as Ava arrives. Seeing he's troubled, she insists she knows what he's going through and offers her help.

After they talk, John invites her to dinner but she turns him down because he's married. As Chloe announces that she is leaving the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Philip argue.

After Victor blasts him for his terrible idea of framing John, Philip admits he got the drugs from an old friend of Victor's. He asks Victor to leave him alone and trust him. Once Chloe leaves, Victor suggests that Chloe will want nothing to do with him once she learns he planted the cocaine on John's ship.

At the hospital Lexie confides in Daniel about her troubles with Theo and school. As he embraces her in support, Chelsea watches. After Lexie leaves, Chelsea confronts Daniel and remarks about his friendship with Lexie. She then accuses him of lying that he has a girlfriend.

Daniel insists that he is seeing someone. E.J. confronts Nicole about his secret that the annulment is valid and plays dumb. She calls his bluff by calling Lucas.

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