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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
June 6, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, E.J. takes the phone from her and stops Nicole from telling Lucas that Sami's annulment is valid. He asks what he can do to keep her quiet. Later, she shows him by kissing him.

At the Pub Chelsea apologizes to Nick for hurting him and explains that she thought she was in love with someone else but it didn't "work out."

He guesses correctly that it was Daniel and confesses that he's still in love with her. However, when she asks if they can still be friends, Nick tells her he can't and suggests she might want to move on with her life.

Bo and Hope find John upset and warn that the police are building a case against him. He points out how dumb it would be to bring drugs into Salem

Bo and Hope then ask Victor about the drugs and remind him about his venture with cocaine.

Victor reminds them he was never formally charged and claims that he has nothing to hide. Chloe stops by the mansion and offers her support to Lucas. Philip interrupts and questions why she is there.

John is furious to find Philip in his house. He orders Lucas to kick Chloe and Philip out. Lucas challenges him but Chloe and Philip leave anyway though Chloe returns later and again implores Lucas to allow her to be his friend. He finally relents.

John pays some cash to find out that Philip met Paul at the docks earlier. After arguing with Victor about Bo and Hope's visit, Philip calls Paul and urges him to stop worrying about being caught.

Kayla and Steve are relieved when the nurse explains that their baby will be taken off the ventilator tomorrow. Hope encourages Chelsea to believe that she will find true love one day.

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Days of Our Lives
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