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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 3.19.08

As they wait outside Bo's room, Shawn tells everyone that he gave Bo a reason to fight to live by revealing his and Belle's plans. Philip overhears and asks Belle what they are doing. Belle puts him off and tells Shawn she didn't think it was the right time. After chatting with Billie on the phone, Chelsea thanks Kate for being there.

Daniel asks Chelsea if she's sure she wants to do this and she claims he can't talk her out of helping her father. As Bo is wheeled to the OR, everyone speaks encouraging words. Meanwhile, Nick wishes Chelsea good luck. As the family and friends wait, Kate greets John who doesn't remember who she is. When she explains their past, she also warns him that the "old John" wouldn't do what he's planning to do at the docks.

John counters that he's not the "old John."

She then warns that the Kiriakis family can be dangerous but John is unimpressed. John decides to leave so Marlena accompanies him on a walk along the docks. There, she points out how he was drawn to the hospital even though he stated that he didn't care. She also tells him stories about them and the pier.

John gets a call from Hollingsworth who wants to meet him. John lies to Marlena about who called but then follows her as she heads back to the hospital. Back in the waiting area, the nurse announces that they are done with Chelsea. Daniel starts working on Bo and warns Lexie about how difficult it is going to be.

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