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March 20, 2008
Days of Our Lives
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Today on Days of Our Lives, Chelsea wakes after her surgery. Daniel arrives and claims that he's pleased with how everything went. Sending Kate out, Daniel congratulates Chelsea for all she has done for her father. She asks him how Bo is doing and he explains that they have to wait for him to wake. Stephanie arrives and after Daniel leaves, she gushes to Chelsea about how handsome the doctor is.

After the surgery, Lexie and Kayla announce to the crowd that all they can do now is wait. Caroline and Lexie urges Kayla to go home and rest but even Steve can't convince her it's the right thing to do for her unborn baby. Everyone is relieved when Bo wakes and starts talking until he complains that he didn't give his permission for the surgery. Hope assures him Chelsea is fine.

While Shawn is with his father, Philip asks Belle about her travel plans and worries he'll never see Claire again. Anna interrupts Tony at his ad agency and announces that she needs Ethan to come work with her. Tony boasts that she can't afford him. She decides to take Morgan but Tony reminds her that she works for him too. Anna complains that her interns are at the hospital because of Bo's illness.

Tony's unimpressed when he eyes her portfolio and has Ethan show her the top-notch work he has done. She asks Tony for help. He calls her hard-headed, she grabs a painting off the wall and smashes it over his head. After Tony sends the interns out, he and Anna have sex on the office couch. After Steve drops Kayla at home, she feels a terrible stomach pain but hides it from him.

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