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Days of Our Lives
March 24, 2008
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Finding Kayla in Bo's room, Hope chats with her about Shawn and Belle's decision to sail around the world. When Bo has trouble, Kayla tries to help but Daniel enters and is outraged that she's touching his patient. She shows him the mistake he made with the medication he prescribed and he apologizes and leaves. Belle gives Marlena her exciting travel news and as she complains, Sami interrupts and learns about their plans.

Belle then upsets Marlena further by revealing that they're using the boat that John gave them. Belle reminds her that John is her father but when Marlena claims that he's not, Belle suggests giving her the boat is his way of showing that he is. She then asks for her blessing. Marlena gives it and Sami joins them in a tearful hug goodbye. Ava's thrilled when her cousin Angelo arrives for a visit.

Ava denies that she needs any more time with a "shrink" and states that she is fine. However, she does admit she can't take living like this. He guesses she wants to be with Steve but Angelo asserts that he's no good for her and urges her to forget about him. She talks him into allowing her to go for a walk while he makes her something to eat. When he returns, the other bodyguard reports that Ava is gone and took Angelo's car.

Ava ends up at the hospital and sees Steve hug Hope outside Bo's room after he learned what Kayla did to protect Bo. Sensing something's bothering him, Hope forces Steve to reveal that Kayla's in trouble because of him and learns the story about the deranged Ava. He explains that she's the reason the plane crashed. Hope realizes that she met her and urges him to go to the police. Steve refuses.

Later, Hope decides to take a break and leaves, unaware Ava is following her.

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Days of Our Lives
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