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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 3/25/08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Kate gives Daniel a hard time and asks when her granddaughter can be released. As Chelsea asks her to lighten up on her doctor, Daniel announces that she can go home tomorrow. When he leaves to go check on Bo, Kate suspects that Chelsea has a crush on the doctor but a smiling Chelsea denies it.

When Nick arrives and hears that she can go home tomorrow, he senses she doesn't want to leave and wonders why. She claims the operation has made her realize how fleeting life can be so it's time for her to start her life anew. He's relieved when she assures him she wants him to be a part of it.

The two profess their love for each other. Later, Chelsea offers to assist Kate with her new business but won't help her pick the right ad agency since she has friends who work at Tony and Anna's.

Daniel returns and tells Chelsea she's a hero for helping her father. Kayla is there when Bo wakes. She jokingly gives him a hard time for scaring them. He talks about his regret that he couldn't have been more help to Shawn as he and Belle left on their sailing trip. Steve interrupts and wants to take Kayla home.

Kayla doesn't want to leave and the three end up reminiscing about the elder Shawn. Ava sneaks up on Hope and knocks her out with some chloroform.

Ava drags her out to the car where Angelo has arrived. He warns her that she has gone too far. In a room Hope wakes and is curious when Ava calls her Kayla. Ava boasts that Steve will love her once "Kayla's" out of the picture. Hope decides to play along as Steve's wife. Angelo pulls Ava aside and warns her about doing anything drastic. Hope snoops and finds photos of the Bradys.

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Days of Our Lives
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