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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 3/27/08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Chloe panics when she sees Daniel's reaction to her latest medical chart readings. He warns that they must move her but then opens the door to reveal Stephanie ready to take her home. Chelsea's not pleased by the stunt while Stephanie asks Daniel if he intends to stay in town. Daniel reports the hospital board has offered him a job but he's not sure if he's going to take it.

Lexie's upset to find Bo trying to get out of bed so he can go find Hope. She summons Abe for Bo and Bo asks him to put on an APB on Hope. Sleeping on the couch, Steve wakes and stops Kayla as she tries to sneak out of the house to see Bo. Just then, Hope calls and, with Ava forcing her hand, pretends to be Kayla.

Steve's about to hang up but Hope then reveals she's there with Ava. As he listens carefully, Ava grabs the phone and rants at him for abandoning her.

She warns that Kayla is going to have to deal with this and hangs up on him. Kayla asks about the call but before he can explain, she suddenly grabs her stomach and doubles over in pain. Steve helps her into the bedroom and calls her doctor who orders Kayla to stay in bed.

Meanwhile, the deranged Ava asks Hope if she thinks Steve is in love with her. Hope tries to calm her down but Ava sees through her scheme and announces that Steve is going to "hurt" because of his actions.

She describes how she and Steve met, how her father didn't want them to get married, how they found a preacher to help them elope but that the ceremony never happened. Philip eyes her lasciviously as Chloe explains she's dressed for an audition to fill in for a lead singer in an opera. Later, she returns and reports that while she got the part, they dismissed her because of her reputation over in Europe.

Bo calls Philip and asks if Chelsea can stay at the mansion. Steve then calls Bo about Hope.

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Days of Our Lives
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