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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5/16

Today on Days of Our Lives, Victor's not happy to find Chloe still at the mansion but she insists she belongs here. Victor points out that Brady is divorcing her but Philip interrupts and announces that he invited her to stay.

After Chloe leaves, Victor and Philip argue about allowing her to remain at the mansion. Victor reveals that he knows that Philip hired someone to break into the DiMera mansion. Philip admits he has an encrypted disc and guesses it has something to do with what Stefano did to John.

Philip promises he'll keep Chloe in line and Victor responds that he's very happy with how Philip has been running the business. He does warn him that he needs to find the right woman to make his life complete.

Victor then hands him a folder filled with documents that pertain to his "legacy." He's impressed to read the documents and tells Chloe he has more control of the Kiriakis business now.

As she cries out due to her contractions, Kayla asks her doctor to stop the labor. They're relieved to learn later that the baby is not in distress so Steve urges Kayla to calm down and relax.

Instead, the labor continues and she delivers a baby boy. Kayla panics when the baby hasn't taken a breath. Hope calls Stephanie about her mother. Chelsea accompanies Stephanie to the hospital.

She talks to Bo about Zack and then lays into her father for facing off with Martino. Sami and E.J. argue about the kiss they shared.

They then get a call from Statesville prison and E.J. reports to Sami that in spite of his efforts, Lucas did not end up on the short list of convicts to be released early. Sami thanks him and then falls into his arms, crying.

After she stops, E.J. accuses her of sending him mixed signals and asks about their future. Sami vows not to allow Nicole in his love life.

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Days of Our Lives
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