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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on Days of Our Lives, Mickey meets Lucas in prison and asks if he wants to get out. He explains the overcrowding situation, the fact that there is now a second chance for those who didn't make the first list.

Lucas tells him he wants out. After Maggie interrupts, Mickey leaves to meet the warden and then returns with the good news that Lucas is going home tonight. Steve tells Kayla that their baby is in the ICU on a respirator.

Lexie refuses to tell Kayla what the baby's Apgar score is for fear she might panic. Kayla pleads with them to let her see her baby but Lexie offers to go check herself. Lexie returns later to report there is no change. Stephanie wonders to Chelsea if Daniel could help with the baby.

E.J. approaches Sami in her room and she confirms she wants them to forget the past and move on. However, when she complains about Nicole, E.J. insists that it's strictly business between them. They talk about the kisses they shared and then kiss again.

E.J. then pushes her onto the bed. In the staff locker room, Daniel hops into the shower. Chelsea arrives and stares as Daniel walks out, naked. After he grabs a towel, she asks him to examine Kayla's newborn. He points out it's not his specialty but she guesses he won't get involved because of her and asks why he's having such a hard time leaving Salem.

She starts to leave but he grabs her and kisses her again. Nick confronts Max and asks what he did to his paper. Max puts him off but Nick reveals that he got the grant money. Max hands him Nick's original papers and guesses that he's afraid of success.

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