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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 5.20

Today on Days of Our Lives, Lexie worries to Abe about their son Theo and agrees to go to marriage counseling with him tomorrow. Nick asks Stephanie what Max told her he did with his grant request.

Stephanie tells him Max just fixed it up and copied it for him. Nick then asks Max what he did so Max claims that he gave it to Professor Simmons to correct. After he calls the professor, Stephanie guesses what he did and warns him about lying to Nick.

While Sami and E.J. hop into bed, Lucas thanks Mickey for springing him from prison. Mickey explains that he'll have to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. Lucas guesses he'll be fine at the apartment with Sami but Mickey reveals that she and E.J. moved into the DiMera mansion.

Lucas is outraged but Mickey calms him and explains that Marlena is living there with John and Sami is having money problems. Lucas quickly blames himself for all that has happened.

As Chelsea starts stripping in between kisses from Daniel, the two try to fight their attraction but can't. However, when Amber enters the locker room at the hospital, Daniel hides Chelsea in his locker.

She introduces herself to the doctor and admits she's done some research on him. She removes her top and boasts that she also likes to surf but then has to leave when she receives a page.

But before she goes, Daniel tells her that he's dating someone. Later, Chelsea can't get him to commit to being with her and leaves.

Days of Our Lives
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