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Days of Our Lives
Monday, May 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives, Roman warns John that they discovered drugs in his containers down at the waterfront. John guesses Philip is behind this and vows to go to "war" with him.

John tries to convince Roman but Roman claims he must go with the evidence they have. Surprisingly, Marlena defends Philip and asks John to promise he had nothing to do with the drugs. John wants to go to the docks but Roman won't allow it. John attacks Roman who places him under arrest.

John panics at the idea of being handcuffed so Marlena injects him with a drug which knocks him out. After kissing her, Lucas tells Sami that he still loves her but claims that she's confused right now.

They argue about Sami's interest in E.J. as she insists she's done everything for the children's sake.

He responds that he never told her it was okay for her to have sex with E.J. while he was gone nor did he okay the sex the first time she was with E.J.

Sami's outraged that he could say that and kicks him out when he suggests that she could have prevented the rape. He returns with an apology and gets her to confess that she has feelings for E.J.

She insists he has changed and, after a call, tells him Mickey reported that it was because of E.J. that Lucas was given early release.

Lucas claims this is all a part of E.J.'s seduction act but Sami blurts out that she wanted him. She asks him to stay with her so they can make their relationship work but Lucas claims it's too late and walks out.

Worried about the trouble at the docks, Stephanie finds Max and he assures her that he's fine after the drug bust. He admits he was supposed to work there today but decided he'd rather be with her.

Max then confronts Philip and guesses he's behind the drug cache. Philip orders him to back off but Abe interrupts and demands that Philip answer his questions.

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