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Days of Our Lives
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives,

John wonders why Sami doesn't just let E.J. be deported. When she claims that it's because she wants her son to be with his father, John points out she could move with him. She asks about the disc he found in the safe and John explains he thinks it contains things he doesn't want to know about.

He asks her about his past

She claims Marlena fell in love with him because she thought he was Sami's father. She also claims he ruined the love that Marlena and her father shared.

Sami then tells him that he once left Marlena to be with Hope who had lost her memory and that Marlena thought at one time that he might be Stefano. She convinces him to look at the disc but when he does, he realizes it's encrypted.

She offers to give it to Roman to see if the ISA can decode it but he claims he has his own contacts. Sami then reveals that Victor "discovered" him. John vows not to allow anyone to use him again.

Sami guesses he's in love with Marlena but he disagrees and goes upstairs to bed. When she leaves, someone grabs the disc. Nicole meets with E.J. who gives her cash for her help with immigration.

She admits she's attracted to him but E.J. insists he's only interested in Sami. He also asks her to keep their arrangement a secret. Frustrated that E.J. won't fall for her flirting, Nicole boasts that once she's divorced and gets half of everything Victor has, she'll go for the other half in the form of Philip.

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