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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 5/7

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Daniel resents it when he arrives at the Pub and complains to Martino about being forced to cancel his travel plans. Martino tells the doctor that he wants him to examine his daughter's case.

Kate introduces Daniel to the gangster and Martino explains that his daughter's doctor gave her the wrong medication. He asks Daniel to examine Ava and make sure that she is going to be all right.

Daniel guesses she needs a psychiatrist and Daniel refuses and walks out. Meanwhile, Lexie announces to Roman that she considers Ava healthy now and ready to face the consequences of her actions so she is releasing her.

As Roman orders her to be placed behind bars, Ava admits she deserves to be punished. After she's arraigned and returned, Abe gets a call that her old doctor was found murdered. She hints that her father was responsible but then backs away from her statement.

Abe then reveals she was granted bail so she can leave. Having worked all night, Max boasts to Stephanie that he "fixed" Nick's grant proposal. Assuring her he only tidied it up, Max asks her not to tell Nick what he's done.

Just then, Nick arrives, so Max secretly passes the grant proposal to Stephanie who slips out to mail it. Bo is taken aback to hear Chelsea mumble Daniel's name while she sleeps.

When she wakes and sees he's going to work, she insists he stay home and get better as Hope has ordered. But when Morgan arrives with breakfast for her friend, Bo slips out to the station house.

Nick arrives later but leaves when Chelsea ignores him after Daniel stops by to see her. He admits he doesn't want to leave Salem because of her and she responds with a kiss. Nick complains to Max that Daniel is going after Chelsea. Though Abe ordered him not to, Bo confronts Martino.

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