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Lexie worries that someone took her son. Lacey the babysitter explains that she turned away for only a few seconds. Lexie starts blasting her.

Finding Nicole at the Pub, Sami accuses her of starting her drinking early. A smug Nicole claims she's drinking club soda.

Outside the Pub before they meet Sami, Marlena tells Roman that she's going to divorce John but will give him one more chance.

Inside, they find Sami sitting with Nicole.

After Nicole leaves, Roman wonders why she asked to meet with them.

Sami changes her mind and claims she just misses them. Roman presses her for the truth. Instead, Sami decides to tell "the person" the truth.

Daniel asks Chelsea to find Kate and convince her to return to the hospital. Chelsea demands to know what's wrong with her but Daniel won't talk.

As they argue, Theo arrives. Daniel calls a relieved Lexie to let her know Theo is with him.

Chelsea figures out that Theo came to see her.

Lexie and Abe are relieved to be reunited with their son.

Pointing out she has a connection to the kid, Daniel asks Chelsea for another chance with their friendship but she claims she's moved on.

E.J. advises John that Marlena told him about his "spells." He urges him to get some medical help but John claims that's impossible.

He browbeats E.J. until he drives him from the room. John then calls Nicole to come over. He urges her to tell E.J. she's pregnant.

E.J. returns to the room and just as Nicole blurts out that she's pregnant, Sami arrives and is rocked by the announcement.

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