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Lucas announces to Sami that he's leaving. Nicole is pleased when E.J. invites her to a favorite Chicago restaurant.

As she gets ready, E.J. answers a knock at the door and finds a man there with an eviction notice for her.

E.J. invites Nicole to move into the mansion.

When she asks about Sami, E.J. insists that he is done with her.

Canceling their date, E.J. advises her that he doesn't want Stefano to know about the baby right now.

John stuns Stefano by announcing that he is giving up control of the DiMera empire and will be out of the mansion by the end of the week.

He also reveals that he's doing this for Marlena's sake.

Chloe seeks advice from Marlena and laments the bad decisions she's made regarding the men in her life.

But when she thinks that Lucas was cheating on her with Sami, Marlena guesses that she is trying to find out the truth from her.

Marlena admits she knows nothing and urges her to talk with Lucas about this. After Chloe leaves, John surprises Marlena and announces that he gave up the DiMera empire for her.

Lucas returns to find Sami but discovers she's gone and the phone book open to family planning clinics. Sami arrives at the Brookville Clinic for an exam and tells the nurse she wants "this over."

As Dr. Sanders exams her, Lucas arrives. He takes a call from Chloe who overhears that he's at the clinic with his "wife."

Nicole upsets Stefano by revealing her plans to move into the mansion.

 When he complains to her and E.J., Nicole leaks that she's pregnant with E.J.'s baby. Stefano is thrilled.

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