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Max informs Caroline that she is no longer a suspect in Trent's murder. When Melanie arrives, Stephanie challenges her to tell the truth.

Max finally accuses her of planting the wallet.

Melanie lies that she didn't and asks for an apology after figuring out they tested for fingerprints and hers weren't found.

Sending Stephanie away, Max quietly gets his sister to confess that she did plant the wallet but she claims she did it to help his mother.

He guesses she did it for herself. Melanie then admits she may have killed Trent. After learning about Nicole's pregnancy, Lexie asks her father for help with Theo and the current mayoral race.

She admits she knows he has the current mayor "in his pocket" and insists that she convince him to lay off her son or Stefano won't see Theo again.

Lexie then faces off with the mayor herself and warns his "funding" will disappear if he keeps up the attacks.

The mayor calls Stefano who announces he is ending their relationship.

E.J. shows Nicole her new room at the mansion and asks her to keep her distance from Stefano.

When he points out how Stefano's interferences bothered Sami, she's upset he mentioned her name and insists he get Sami out of his life.

Chloe confronts Lucas, slaps him and accuses him of impregnating Sami.

After he denies being the father, she guesses E.J. is. Sami stops by the mansion but leaves after she sees E.J. and Nicole having sex.

The mayor decides to confront Stefano but is shot before he can. The killer leaves and runs into Sami.

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