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Sami sees the person who killed the mayor and panics. Telling E.J. and Nicole what she saw, Sami calls Roman for help.

Nicole doesn't believe a word she said and decides to check for herself. As she steps out, she trips over the mayor's lifeless body.

When Roman arrives, he gets everyone's story. Nicole claims that Sami killed the mayor. At the station house Nicole tries to set up some "ground rules" for their children getting to know each other but Sami isn't interested.

Sami then tells her father that she'll sit with the police sketch artist because she'll never forget the killer's face.

The killer makes a call about being seen by Sami and accepts the order given to him over the phone. Admitting she may have killed their father, Melanie finally tells Max what happened the night Trent was killed.

She ends her story by revealing that she passed out in the cemetery and when she woke up, she discovered that Trent had a knife in his back. Stephanie returns so Melanie leaves.

He considers not telling Stephanie the truth but eventually gives Stephanie the news about Melanie and Trent.

Max asks her not to tell this to anyone. Meanwhile, Melanie talks with Bo and Hope about her arrival in Salem and hints that she doesn't trust Stephanie.

She also suggests they consider confining their search for her father's killer to Salem.

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