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Hope advises Melanie that Trent's lawyer told them the letter is actually for her and Bo, who reads it but won't reveal to Melanie what was written. Melanie guesses it has nothing to do with her.

As she leaves, Bo finds another note inside the first letter.

Philip tells Chloe about Kate's cancer. She tries to reassure him that Kate will come through the chemotherapy successfully.

Admitting he doesn't want to ruin things for her, Philip tells Chloe he's got to keep his distance from her because she's involved with Lucas now.

Melanie interrupts and, after Chloe leaves, boasts that his attempt to cause trouble for her with the police failed.

She claims the letter with Trent's will must have named his killer which cleared her. Philip laughs at her logic.

Nicole won't consider it when her newly hired interior decorator asks her to find out if she's having a boy or a girl so she can turn the bedroom into the nursery "appropriately."

E.J.'s not pleased when he finds Nicole has hired Cynthia.

Suggesting that she's moving a bit too fast, he claims they need to talk about marriage first which stuns her.

As they argue about Stefano and her baby, Bo and Hope arrive and explain they want to ask Nicole a few more questions about her meeting Trent the night he was murdered.

Nicole denies that she did and E.J. asks them to leave.

Bo claims they know she's lying. In the witness protection program, Darryl catches Sami using her cellphone. She explains that she's calling the clinic but lies that she thinks she has food poisoning.

Darryl refuses to allow her to leave and, instead, escorts a blindfolded doctor inside the room.

Once Darryl leaves, Sami leaks that she's pregnant and asks the doctor to make sure her baby is okay.

He examines her and tells her the baby is fine. Later, Darryl is replaced by Hilda, a new and menacing agent.

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