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E.J.'s upset to learn Sami never came home last night. Kayla asks Marlena why she's divorcing John. Marlena claims she must move on with her life.

When Melanie arrives at the Pub, Stephanie asks her if she thinks that Caroline killed her father.

Defending her, Philip explains that Melanie actually asked him to find the real killer but adds that he's no detective.

While Max pulls Melanie outside to chat, Chelsea arrives and lashes out at Philip for hurting Morgan.

He admits that he didn't know he had feelings for Chloe.

Warning that Kate is ill and claiming he knows about her and Daniel, Philip asks Chelsea to go easy on her and promises to keep her updated on her condition.

Instead, Chelsea decides to ask Daniel about Kate. Max warns Melanie to stay away from the Kiriakis family including Philip.

Instead, Melanie spends time with Philip. She accidentally drops Trent's wallet which Philip hands back to her but fails to realize what it is.

As he argues with Stefano, John feels another terrible headache but then shakes it off.

John then calls one of Stefano's board members about some news about Stefano he found in the DiMera books.

He then calls other board members to oust Stefano as CEO.

Meanwhile, Stefano decides that his best tactic for dealing with John is to put him before the board of directors so they can see how unstable he is.

At his place, Lucas urges Sami to tell E.J. that she is pregnant with his baby and reminds her of all the trouble everyone faced when she was carrying Will.

Sami's upset to find Stefano out with her son.

Later, Sami's told him, Lucas congratulates a confused E.J. Marlena brings divorce papers to John at the DiMera mansion and asks him to sign them.

Instead, he grabs her and kisses her passionately.

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers!

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