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Sami hasn't told E.J. she is pregnant with his child. Lucas covers as he congratulates his rival. He denies knowing what Sami wants to talk to him about. Nicole interrupts and Lucas hurries away.

Nicole tries to tell E.J. that she's pregnant with his child but when he admits that he skipped out on their dinner date to go see Sami at the hospital, she challenges him to choose between her and Sami.

When he points out that Sami will always be in his life because of the child they share, Nicole decides not to tell him she's pregnant.

Once Sami decides that she's not going to tell E.J. about the baby for fear that Stefano will be in the child's life, Lucas vows to do so if she won't.

Marlena finally pulls back from John's passionate kiss and asks him to sign the divorce papers since he won't see a doctor about his "condition."

He refuses and points out that he can't go back to the hospital because of what Stefano did to him.

Pleading with him to go see a doctor, Marlena leaves the mansion.

She finds E.J. and asks him to convince John to get help for his seizures.

E.J. agrees to do all he can to help John. Stefano urges John to sign the divorce papers and then walks out as John suddenly has another seizure.

Nicole arrives and finds John crawling on the floor. As his condition improves, he promises her that he will seek help for what ails him.

Listening to her latest problem, John offers his help but she decides the best thing he can do for her is to be a good friend.

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