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Stephanie and Max are relieved to hear the D.A. has dropped the charges. Max talks with Bo about Caroline's innocence. Melanie slips Trent's wallet into Stephanie bag.

Stephanie reminds Max that she doesn't like secrets and insists they have none between them. He agrees but later is surprised to find Trent's wallet in her bag.

Philip tells Nicole that he is done with Chloe and feels she is better off with Lucas.

When she guesses that whomever has Trent's wallet probably killed him, Philip calls the Bo and claims he has a tip about Trent's murder.

After Hope lectures him about driving drunk, Chelsea visits a tipsy Nick in jail. He admits he feels responsible for everything that has happened.

When she notices his hand is bruised, he claims it happened in the lab.

Melanie overhears him excuse the bruise and she remembers him claiming it happened in France.

Bo questions Melanie about her relationship with her now-dead father but she plays the innocent victim and suggests he question Claude.

Later, Philip stops by the station house and to offer a tip about Melanie and Trent's wallet. But when he sees Melanie, he changes his mind and confronts her. She promises to talk to him later.

Lexie is supportive as Scott talks with Abe about running for mayor. He introduces Evan to Abe as a potential campaign manager.

Mayor Marino interrupts and gets Abe to admit he's running for mayor too. The mayor wonders how he can do that married to Stefano's daughter.

The two return to the park to find their babysitter is a wreck because Theo is missing. Kate's anxious to hear the results from her biopsy but wants to leave the hospital.

Daniel insists that she wait a little while longer but can't stop her.

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