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John tries to convince Marlena not to go out with Trent.

Later, John orders Trent to meet him at the Pub.

An anxious Trent demands that Nicole give him $20,000 to retire his gambling debts or he is going to tell Victor they're married.

She finally agrees but first he must divorce her.

Max advises Stephanie and Chelsea that Trent has been using his daughter to pay off his gambling debts by "pimping her out."

As he vows to get revenge, Stephanie urges him to calm down.

Chelsea guesses that Melanie herself is to blame. Melanie arrives in time to hear her and confirm that she has a bad reputation.

She also announces that she is leaving but will first say goodbye to Nick.

Chelsea urges her to forget about but Melanie stops by the hospital and calls Nick sexy as she thanks him.

Chelsea watches as she gives him a kiss.

Melanie tells Nick she's going to Milan but when she hears Stephanie and Max arguing about Trent, she decides to go to Salem.

Philip tries to convince Morgan to go with him on a weekend together but she must stay as she starts an internship with Kate.

As Days of Our Lives comes down its home stretch today, Kate hears this and is shocked.

Philip asks his mother to give Morgan a break for his sake and she agrees.

Victor pulls Philip aside and urges him to concentrate on the family business now. Philip leaks about Kate's affair with Daniel.

Meanwhile, Morgan panics when she hears Kate coughing.

Kate asks her not to worry and not to tell anyone. Victor confronts Kate about her affair and she confirms that she slept with Daniel.

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