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Nicole sits inside with a depressed Philip.

He gets her to admit that she's upset about seeing the security camera video of E.J.

She talks in great detail about her "film noir" fantasy that ended with her strangling Sami. She assures him that in spite of the dream, her life is going to get better and she will end up on top.

Philip wonders if Lucas will confront Sami about her relationship with E.J. Amused by her fantasy about killing Sami, Philip thanks her for the story and exits.

An angry E.J. confronts Nicole and guesses that she was responsible for sending the police to arrest Sami.

With Sami out of their hair, Chloe and Lucas try to settle in at the Horton cabin.

She wonders if he still has feelings for his ex-wife but Lucas denies it. However, he does warn her that they will forever be connected by their children.

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