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Chelsea updates Nick on Daniel and Kate and what she saw. She guesses that they are still involved and will never forgive them.

Nick urges her to do so and move on with her life.

The two then argue about his interest in Melanie as she warns that she doesn't trust her.

Lucas confides to Philip that Chloe is helping him take care of Allie but is furious moments later to find Chloe has left the girl with a babysitter.

Nicole pulls Chloe aside and assures her that Lucas is just worried about keeping custody of his daughter. Chloe suggests that Nicole would make a great mother but Nicole claims she's not ready.

Lucas returns, apologizes to Chloe and takes her to the dance floor.

Nicole asks Philip for help with Victor but he explains why he can't.

Roman urges Bo to apply for the job an calls the mayor's office to make the recommendation. Caroline stops by the station house and worries to them about Max and Trent.

They claim there is nothing they can do about Trent but she hints that she might take him on personally. Trent is unnerved when Claude calls him from Europe and demands the money now or his daughter.

Trent tries to raise the money but can't get a loan. He convinces Melanie to come to his hotel room but she brings Max with her.

He blames his troubles with Claude on her leaving Europe but she calls him a monster and boasts that she wants nothing to do with him. While Melanie calls Nick for help, Max starts beating Trent.

Nick pulls him off and offers the grant money to Trent if he'll leave town. Trent refuses and boasts of his future success. He also claims his children are worthless.

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