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Bo stuns Hope and goes for commissioner's job. The two later celebrate with Steve and Kayla at the Chez Rouge.

There, they run into the mayor who admits that he is considering Bo for the position as Salem's top cop.

Kate tries to apologize to Chelsea for her affair with Daniel but she won't listen. Alone with her, Daniel advises Kate that he fears that she has lung cancer.

Nicole confesses to E.J. that the truth about her marriage to Trent has been revealed. She then becomes nauseous again.

Armed with her father's wallet, Melanie meets Max at the restaurant and offers to buy him dinner.

Maggie meets her and quickly forms a negative opinion of her.

Maggie is pleased when she is told that the Green Restaurant Association will partner with her place to go "completely green."

Meanwhile, Max rushes back to his room and removes his blood- soaked shirt. When Stephanie arrives, the two hop into bed and have sex.

Later, Stephanie notices that he is scratched and bruised and worries that she did this to him in the heat of their passion.

Caroline stops by the cemetery to say a few words over Shawn's grave.

Bo and Hope hear her scream and rush to the grave where they find her holding a knife as she hovers over Trent's lifeless body.

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