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Today on Days of Our Lives, Daniel's impressed when Chelsea has some success working with Theo. After Daniel confesses he is ready to continue with the relationship, Chelsea announces she has decided to end things.

Morgan confronts John when he arrives at the station house to answer questions about Paul. She demands to know what he did to her father.

Bo explains to John that Paul turned himself in. Roman then reveals that thanks to calls from the "higher-ups," he was forced to release Stefano because they are not going to charge him with any crime.

However, he asks John if he intends to press charges. John explains that he intends to sue Stefano. However, Stefano calls John and demands he back off or he'll have Paul tell the police about John holding him captive.

Victor stops by the mansion for a quick visit with Stefano who explains why he's helped with the "situation." Victor calls Philip and boasts that Paul is going to confess to having the drugs.

Lucas and Chloe arrive to pack up Allie's things. He explains that he's waiting for a date for the custody hearing which he intends to win.

Max talks with Melanie about her life growing up and she claims she thinks their father is a good guy though she and Trent don't really get along.

Max then stuns her with the story of how he was abandoned as a child and sent to live in a terrible foster home. When Trent calls to complain that she has overspent with her credit card, Melanie hangs up on him.

Max urges her to come back to Salem with him but she refuses. He later confides to Nick that he thinks his sister is hiding something.

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