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Abe and Lexie spend time playing with Theo at the park and when his wife becomes frustrated in her inability to communicate with their son, Abe urges her to take her time and not rush things.

When Steve, Kayla and Joe arrive, Lexie worries to Kayla that she's not a good mother. After she runs down the list of everything that is causing stress in her life, Kayla urges Lexie to just give Theo lots of love.

Abe confides in Steve about the struggle he and Lexie face in raising Theo. When Abe tries to take Theo to his appointment and the boy starts crying and screaming, Lexie is embarrassed as everyone at the park stares.

Frustrated when John won't stop pressing her to move into the mansion with him, Marlena joins Trent for a drink.

He invites her out on a date but Marlena reminds him that she's married. Seeing him watching Trent and Marlena, Nicole confides to John that he's the one man she thinks should die and hints that he has a dark side.

Encouraged by Nicole to express the love he has for her, John approaches Marlena who chooses that moment to ask him for a divorce.

With workers hard at work on fixing up the mansion, Stefano complains about the "freeloaders" living there but E.J. shows the injunction he got that will allow him and Tony to stay there.

Stefano asks them both to stop their squabbling and come work with him from now on. When the two won't agree, Stefano becomes upset.

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