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Morgan meets Kate's assistant Chris about the job but is hesitant when she discovers that her boss will be Kate.

Unaware of who Chris is talking with, Kate okays her hiring.

Lucas brings Chloe and Allie to the Horton cabin.

However, his hopes for romance are threatened when Allie starts crying and Chloe is unable to calm the girl.

She warns Lucas that this isn't going to work but he asks her to trust him. Steve calls Hope to find out all he can about Trent.

As Nicole secretly listens, Hope tells Steve that Trent is married and that his record is clean.

Nick goes looking for Melanie, unaware that Chelsea has suddenly arrived in France. Nick finally calls Max and lets him know that he found Melanie.

Meanwhile, Trent calls his daughter and claims that he has been gambling and losing and needs a favor from her.

He asks her to meet his old friend Claude. Though she reminds him she doesn't like the guy. When Nick interrupts, someone sneaks up on Nick and knocks him out.

Claude arrives and starts to become physical with Melanie who tries to fight him off. Nick wakes and attempts to help her but is shot.

Max comes to her rescue with the French police close behind. Hearing her coughing, Kayla urges Kate to get to the hospital but Kate claims she doesn't have time to go in for an x-ray.

When Kayla leaks her concern to Daniel, he approaches Kate and lets her know how upset he is that she's not taking care of herself.

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