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Savage is in the pyramid and Rip was back there to kill him. Huh.

Leipzig, 1975, Savage's most recent location. Kendra is flipping out. 

They're kind of stuck there. There is a jump ship Rip wants Jax to look at since he's a mechanic.

Sara sneaks up on Rip Hunter, who wants to be alone. She wants to slow Savage down. She figures if you take away his fortune, he's just a regular guy with a really long life span.

Ray wants to get small and swim through Kendra's blood stream to get the knife shards out. Stein is rude and dismissive about Ray being his student again.

Mick and Snart want to help with the bank business. 

Sara and Rip go to the bank, but they are made almost instantly, something only Sara observes. Her bloodlust takes over in the middle of their fight and she almost kills someone who is better for them alive. But...we just learned on Arrow that she's whole. 

Snart and Mick want Jax to take them to Central City of the 70s to steal something. His desire to fly the jump ship gets the better of him.

Stein suddenly wants Ray to have confidence. Ray thinks it's odd, given how he has no recollection of him.

The banker calls Vandal Savage his master.

There is a celebration in honor of the vessel tonight. The banker wants them to go so they can get killed. 

Snart wanted to steal the emerald so he could keep his father from trying to steal it for himself. Mick and Jax worry he'll blip himself out of existence. Snart doesn't care.

Stein admits he's always remembered Ray. He was the most gifted student he ever had. He just liked toying with him. But now he needs to have the same confidence he did back then. Why doesn't he? Because when the fragment tore his suit, he thought she would die like his fiance.

Captain Cold is about the same age as Wentworth Miller. That's surprising. I never thought to call him Leo. He tells little Leo to never let anyone hurt him. Then he threatens his dad to never raise a hand to his wife and his son. He wants to make sure he still has his sister. 

Rip thinks Sara dances really well. He also thinks there is a magical cure for her. To get better. 

They find Carter's body. Mr. Blake has told them so much about them. Ray is fixing Kendra. Then Ray comes out and confronts Stein. He knows Stein never remembered him at all. He had many exceptional students, he could have never remembered them all. So why lie? To give him a bolster of confidence. 

Vandal says heeeeey to Rip. He begins a ritual which includes getting Hawkman's blood. This gets Kendra chanting from her recovery bed.

Stein calls in the jump ship for an assist.

Once again, Sara kicks more ass than the guys, because she has no weapon. It's all Sara. The ultimate badass.

Rip says his wife and son's name before he kills him, and inadvertently sets the course for their deaths.

It looks like Sara is killing Mr. Blake, but she's pounding the knife in all round his head.

Snart's father is such an idiot he gets arrested trying to sell the emerald instead of trying to steal it.

They bury Carter. Kendra asks him to come back to her. Stein tells Ray he's proud of him, as Anna would be.

Rip shares he left out the tidbit that he has tried once before to get rid of Vandal Savage. But they need to work in concert. Snart assures him they won't ditch him again if he doesn't ditch them. Deal.

They're heading to the 80s!

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mick: What about the rest of us? Do we just sit?
Rip: Capital idea, Mr. Rory. You're not nearly as thick as most people say.
Mick: Thick. Does that mean stupid?

I've seen darker days. I've seen men of steel die and dark knights fall and even then, I accomplish my mission no matter what.