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The team lands in 2166. 

Chayara realizes she sees her bracelet in a photo. If Sara can teach her how to fight with it, maybe she can kill Savage.

They need to get close to Savage, but retinal scans at the nearby camp prove the team doesn't belong. So...things.

Rip hopes maybe there is a reference in Aldus' notebooks about the bracelet. 

It's time for Sara and Kendra to have the designated girl conversation. I call bullshit.

And why does Kendra keep calling him Carter and herself Kendra in these flashbacks? They get new identities every time they're reborn

That why she was originally Chayara and he was Khufu, and they no longer use those names.

They kidnap Savage's daughter, Cassie. Mick wants to send a finger an hour until they get what they want. Stein isn't too pleased.

Cassie thinks her dad is pretty cool. She's prepared for torture. 

Finally, something cool comes. They realize they don't see impact craters on the world, but footprints. They start to feel footprints, and the world shakes.

Stein takes all of the people inside the Waverider. Now it's a refugee ship. 

The Leviathan is a giant robot. It holds the Waverider in its hands and tosses it around. Or maybe it's just the jumpship.

Snart takes Cassie under his wing. He knows crap fathers and makes it his mission to get her to understand them, too.

He uses Gideon to show her footage of Savage thinning the herd of humanity when seeing the huddled masses don't persuade her.

Ray grows the ATOM to fight the Leviathan.

Hawkgirl is all flinging her bracelet ball at Vandal, ready for the kill strike, when a costumed dude comes in to ruin it. She attacks and his helmet falls off. It's Khufu.

She refuses to kill him. So much for the greater good.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Sara: How am I supposed to teach someone to fight with a piece of jewelry?
Rip: Good question.
Sara: It wasn't rhetorical!

You have got to stop giving me weapons as presents.