Stranded  - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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Gideon has been prohibited to responding to Hunter's commands, until he says Spaniel Broad Tricycle.

Evil Rip appears to remember everything.

The ship crash lands where Ray used to live in the crustaceous period.

Amaya is comforting Nate about the possible death of his grandfather who he never knew when he was alive.

Sara wants to go into Rips brain to bring him "back." Jax wants to help. Mick wants his beer from his assistant.

After Amaya saves Nate from a snake, she flirts with him. Maybe one of them should die now.

She wants to explore their sex.

Sara fights herself in Rip's mind.

Everyone is in there all fighting to protect the whiny Rip.

Gideon gets a body.

Ray chats Nate about why he can't date Amaya. Her future can't change because of Mari.

Mick reminds Stein he has to let Jax grow up or else when he dies, which he will, Jax will be unable to take care of himself.

Mick knows, because as well as he and Snart worked together, if it wasn't for the way they could survive on their own, Mick wouldn't still be on the ship.

Sara gives Rip a pep talk and tells him he's the captain of the waverider. It doesn't work. 

Gideon says hi to Sara. Of course, Sara doesn't recognize her voice, either.

I'm not sure why they're trying to save grandpa. Guess I have to rewind

Nah, it doesn't matter.

It's a happy ending.

Rip loves Gideon.

Nate has to break it off with Amaya. AFTER he has sex with her. Which is really uncool.

Stein speaks the right words to his young partner.

Rip puts his suit back on and somehow remembers everything.


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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Rip is manipulating Gideon.


Sara: You figure this cognitive intrusion thing out?
Mick: With the professor as my assistant, yeah.
Stein: You cannot be serious.
Mick: Very serious, yeah. Get me a beer.