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Rip is somewhere in time going after a Dr. Mid-Nite, who is tossing about the word Marvel in conjunction with his chatter about the future. He wants the spear fragment, and thinks it's in the dude's body, so Rip rips it out.

The team heads to 3000 and find Mid-Nite. Amaya is pissed that Sara didn't kill that asshole, putting all of reality at risk. Frankly, so am I.

Now the team has to go to 507 AD.

Mick smells something odd when he approaches Stein. The smell of thieves. What did he steal? Stein says he thought the smell was because Mick didn't bathe. Stein was being defensive. Are they becoming friends?

For some reason, Nate the historian dresses as a leper for their trip into the past, and he's called out by Guinevere.

Inside the castle, they discover Stargirl. WTH?

She's masquerading as Merlin.

Rip split the spear into four fragments and split the team into parts as well, scattering them throughout time so it would be safe.

But now that Rip is a murderous bastard, it's all going to hell.

Ray is putting his knowledge of legends to good use while Nate's use of history is worth nothing.

Arthur appears, also worthless, wearing a headset with Damien at his side.

Damien wants the fragment. Stargirl is about to be killed, but everyone jumps into action. Sir Galahad is killed by Arthur before dude puts his weapon to his own throat. Camelot or the spear.

The Legion is incredibly boring.

Sara explains to Guinevere that sometimes the mantle of leadership falls into your lap and you have to do whatever you can. She has great leadership qualities.

Meanwhile, Stein thinks he can use the tech gizmo to take over Arthur, but he doesn't have the brain to use it.

Sara tries to talk Amaya out of getting the fragment, but there's no stopping her, just as there's no stopping Ray from going to battle.

Nate has a drawing of a dead Ray in his history book. Amaya has an angry Stargirl in front of her.

It was Mick's brain that was needed to save the day.

Sara wanted to leave the Ray behind when he stayed to fight with Camelot after the spear fragment was confiscated, but the team overrode her.

Ray almost died, but saved another day. Sara kissed the girl. Of course.



DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

You've put the whole of reality at risk. Maybe that's why your team loses so often.


Mick: Rest in peace.
Amaya: That's sweet, Mick.
Mick: No, that's not a saying, it what he wrote on the floor.