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Mallus sounds ridiculous now that he looks like a big evil thing like the guy from This Is The End.

Rip takes the Waverider's time drive out of the ship with Gideon sharing the potential success of such a mission at 0.0%. Great.

Rip is recalling Sara telling him he was a Legend as he finally learns to act like one. Dramatic crap for a man who has been through too many dramatic scenes for such a shit character.

Gideon says using the time drive will consume both Rip and Mallus. Rip says he wants to die to see his wife and son again. His one hope is that they both live up to that name.

Gideon tells Sara to put the jump ship time drive into the Waverider so they can escape.

Rip and the demon disappears.

While everyone is feeling sorry for themselves and drinking on the ship, they're all taking the blame for Rip's death, too.

Sara suggests they hide in the temporal blindspot of the Old West.

First, Sara wants to make sure Darhk gets to live out the rest of his days knowing he killed his own daughter.

Ray wants to fix everything and get Nora back, he reveals to Darhk.

Sara wants to get drunk Jand find a plan. Wally is as excited to be in the Old West as Ray once was.

Jonah Hex appears as the new sheriff.

Stupid Cesar and that Blackbeard have been sent by Mallus to do something.

Amaya is going back to her ancestors to find a way to stop Mallus. Nate wants to help her because they did the damage together. Of course, he drank half a cup of a drug she of which she only took a sip. 

It was a small trip but Amaya thinks she has the answers now.

It looks like Zari and Jonah are going to hit it off.

By putting their hands together and creating a circle, the totems light up and Mick wonders if they're making a baby. They do, but of the screwed up gooey human variety.

Helen of Troy appears along with Jax. They're there to help, I guess.

Ray and Darhk save Nora while Mallus takes over Damien. Somehow Ray was in the jumpship that doesn't have a time drive.

It's been five years since Jax has seen anyone. He's even had a kid.

Kuasa and Mari share the totem as a couple of Vixens.

Nora is very upset Ray let her dad die again.

Helen of Troy is a great gunfighter. Making everyone's lives better is why the Legends are the people to wield the totems, Ava claims.

Sara is in the middle of a western town talking to a bunch of Spartans who are there with Cesar.

Ava is on horseback waiting to carry her away.

Amaya and Kuasa are fighting together.

There are a whole shitload of people from the current season running about. It seems like a dream or something, but it's the real thing. 

Zara and Jonah have a moment and Sara wants to celebrate the death of all Mallus' teams before all the recently slain start rising with demon eyes. 

Mollus flies in while the group is busy thinking about something pure.

Beepo is who the group was thinking of with bright happy light. That's who they went to while finding their happy place. 

The Legends united to defeat Mallus. That was ridiculously simple.

Kuasa is going to be the keeper of all the totems for a while. The Viking chick thinks Beepo is the one true god for sure now. 

Hex gives Zari his dirty hat, which she considers weird, but sweet.

Before Nora is taken away to the Time Bureau prison, Ray gives her Damien's time stone.

Thank God, Amaya is leaving to go home. 

Nate gets ready to wipe her brain, but she stops him. They kiss. Blah blah. Goodbye.

The Legends are in Aruba for a vacation when Gary shows up dressed like Constantine. He's been traveling with the guy, and Sara let more than Mallus out of its cage. 

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Sara: Us being the key word. You and Amaya were born to wield the totems and the rest of us are just...
Mick: Losers. That's why Rip picked us. Snart, the professor, those stupid hawk flying chicken people. We're all expendable.

We might want to rethink that whole "we screw up things for the better" motto.