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Now revealed as the mastermind behind all of the events and efforts to revive Malphas and take the demon with her outside of the camp's grounds, Amy and crew attempt to leave Camp Stillwater, but things aren't that simple.

When Holyoke disintegrated, he placed the last part of his spirit into Jessie, the last bit of light, meaning that both Jessie and Amy could not leave the grounds until the other was dead.

A game of cat and mouse arises as Amy, who has Cricket, Joel, Deb, and Blotter on her side, chase Jessie, Alex, and Garrett around Camp Stillwater, ax in tow.

Only Jessie survives this deadly game, but not without the help of returning campers Drew and Blair, who help trick Amy into failing at her own game. The last bit of pure water was used to cage her and Jessie finished Amy with Holyoke's hymn (thanks Joel and his camcorder!) and Amy's ax to the head.

As the only three remaining campers, Jessie, Drew, and Blair leave to restart their lives outside of camp, but not without the memory of their fellow fallen campers that now reside in Lake Stillwater and look over the camp now. Jessie begins school after turning in her mother, and Blair and Drew go on the road trip that Cricket and Blair had planned.

All was well.

Dead of Summer
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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Garrett: Doesn't make sense. New battery, full tank of gas..
Amy: Holyoke, he's smarter than I thought.

Jessie: Joel got it all.
Alex: Yeah, he didn't want to miss a thing.