Dead of Summer Round Table: Final Girls

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What a season finale, right? 

Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 10 found the campers all reunited, some in zombie form (the headless Blotter was a little too much, though), and had Jessie running for her life from Amy/Malphus, who couldn't leave as long as a part of Holyoke's soul lived in Jessie.

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk, Allison Nichols, and Caralynn Lippo discuss the killer finale, the fate of the survivors, their hopes for potential future seasons, and more!

Dead of Summer Round Table

React to Amy's killer game of hide and seek.

Yana: I was honestly worried for all of them. Her creepy killer antics never wavered and I was expecting them all to be killed. It was very American Psycho like which I appreciated. I also really enjoyed that we saw some familiar faces, I didn't know how much I needed that until they appeared. It's nice that they had an ending for each character, no matter when they were killed off. 

Allison: I enjoyed it. I wish we saw more of our fallen friends though. It could have been exciting to watch Cricket try to kill Alex, instead of just having Amy being the one to deliver the fatal blows. Also, why did Alex think a tiny knife would do anything to protect against an axe? Come up with a better plan, dude.

Caralynn: It was very tense! I was also expecting Cricket, Joel, and Deb to have more action since they reappears but they were basically just zombies which was disappointing. 

And then there were three. Jessie, Blair, and Drew. Did they really deserve to survive out of everyone else?

Yana: Yes. It made sense for certain characters to die, specifically Garrett because they needed someone to protect that camp and he was perfect for the job since the start. Jessie was the pure soul that had to save the town and that survivor girl always makes it.

What I liked most was that none of the survivors were white. It's that usual white savior trope that we have gotten used to when it comes to the slasher genre, so it was nice to see this change. 

Allison: I was a little surprised Blair and Drew survived, but I'm glad Jessie wasn't the only one left standing. I like Garrett ending up being the protector. I am curious if he ended up kinda like Keith where he can appear human from time to time or if Garrett's something else all together. I have a lot of questions about the lake people.

Caralynn: Like Yana, I really loved that they purposefully flipped the script with who typically survives these horror scenarios. It also made sense to me that Garrett died, given that his father's death haunted him and he's been in a protector role all season. When Blair and Drew showed up at camp at the same time Garrett reappeared,

I knew Garrett was dead and assumed Blair and Drew would also have been revealed to be dead in the end (like that Amy killed them offscreen when they returned), but I was pleasantly surprised that those two had a happy ending.

I didn't care about Alex so I figured he'd die. His sacrifice didn't redeem him for me though, what a silly way to go – fending off a demon with an axe using a switchblade.

What did you think of the episode's ending? Are further dark spirits lurking at Camp Stillwater?

Yana: Definitely. Both the light and dark spirits went back into the lake, order is restored but nothing was killed off. Just like in the beginning of the season everything is okay because no one is trying to bring back any of the spirits but there's always that possibility if somebody comes back with a motive, they can stir it all up again.

Allison: There are definitely dark spirits still lurking. Like Yana said, light and dark spirits went into the lake. Evil was defeated, for now, but it's not gone. I am very interested in Camp Stillwater, and how it became so supernaturally charged.

Caralynn; I was a little iffy on whether Malphas is dead or just re-banished to the lake. Whether it's Malphas or other dark spirits, Stillwater almost definitely still has secrets and dangers yet to be uncovered.

If Season 2 happens, what do you think is so special about Deb's year at Stillwater that they'd go back to 1970 and revisit it for the entire season?

Yana: That's when it all started, isn't it?  I'm not sure if it's official but I assume that's the year when someone started to dive back into this mysterious evil at the camp. But what struck me is that Deb was involved and yet can't remember? Something big must have happened and their memories were wiped away? How and why?

Allison: I feel like 1970 is a good time to go back because we're familiar with Deb and Keith. Also, there's already this mystery built in of what Deb got involved with back then. The Camp has probably always had evil and supernatural forces, even way back to its first year, 1924, because the lake is where the spirits come from, and the lake has been around way longer than the camp.

Caralynn: It makes sense to jump back to 1970 because like Allison said, we know Deb and Keith already (though I might find it hard to get invested in those 2 particular characters, given that we already know exactly how and when they die).

I've heard others mention that Deb might be Amy's biological mother, somehow, and the timeline does match up perfectly for Deb to have conceived a child while at camp that summer in 1970. So maybe we'll see the circumstances of that.

Final thoughts about the season?

Yana: I loved this show and this season from start to finish. It had real twists and turns, they took the tropes and flipped them on all of us.

They also made sure that we knew more about each character, and their backstory was never what we thought it was in the beginning. (Except for Blair. That one flashback just wasn't enough and I am still kind of pissed about that). 

The characters weren't one dimensional and the show had an aesthetic that I adored. I really hope they get picked up for seasons two and three, because the writers have some brilliant ideas going forward.

Allison: I enjoyed it. It had some issues, but overall it was a fun, campy show. I hope that they mix up the structure if they go forward because the flashbacks didn't always work for me.

Caralynn: The absence of Blair's backstory was glaring, to me, and a big problem I had with the season. He was important enough to be one of the three survivors and yet didn't warrant a flashback episode? Kind of silly, but I guess they only had 10 episodes ordered and needed to fit everything in somehow.

I also had an issue with some of the corniness (it was just too much sometimes) and laughably bad decision making. I also just simply never cared about several of the characters – Joel and Alex, in particular, never made an impact on me.

As the fate of the series is in limbo, you can watch Dead of Summer online to review the craziness that enveloped Camp Stillwater this summer.

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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Garrett: Doesn't make sense. New battery, full tank of gas..
Amy: Holyoke, he's smarter than I thought.

Jessie: Joel got it all.
Alex: Yeah, he didn't want to miss a thing.