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Bill is in a high speed chase. Charlie gets to the beach and Bishop keeps her from going down. Levon's there.

Bill and Cade arrive at Curtis' barber shop. A kid named Jacob is on the floor. Someone took Curtis.

Paula is looking at photos from Maggie's childhood.

She can read Bill's voice when he calls. He thinks there's a leak. He just doesn't know who it is.

Bummer is that the next day is Maggie's quincinera.

Three dead informants and one missing. Bill wants to know the thread between them. Cade, too, thinks it's someone on the inside. That doesn't satisfy Bill.

Riley is seated at Jerry's desk. He's given it a great deal of consideration, but he's not ready to share his information. She has the Johnson case, but Jerry says it's a loser.

Carter lied because he knew Joseph would back him. Joseph is very angry. Seems to me that Carter is the mole.

Carter looks downright evil inside the cell.

Teresa and Cade lost the appeal. Roberto runs while Camilla clings to Teresa.

Some guy is angry at Bill. The guy made a request for federal oversight since Bill lost control over his people.

Cade is ballistic.

Maggie is scared of being on display at her party.

Bishop shares Cade's status with Bill. He'll take care of that while she notifies every CI she can that they're in danger.

The pawn shop owner got the drop on her attacker but is such a bad shot that she died anyway.

Bill finds Cade at a bar. He hasn't had a shot, but one sits in front of him.

Bill reminds Cade that he can't control anything he's worrying over, but he has an amazing wife and a baby on the way. Those things, he can control.

Carter says he's one of the lions now and wants to buy Joseph his ink.

Bill is late to the quincinera mass.

Johnson gave Riley the informants name, and four of the five are already dead. Someone in her office is the leak, even Bill can't stand with her in this situation.

Johnson is in for a tongue lashing from Bill. Jerk says someone must have ratted them, sure that his attorney is holding the list.

But now, even Johnson is flustered. Bill assures Johnson that he once wore the badge, and even if you take it off, it sticks to you like a guilty conscience.

Bill says now would be a good time for Johnson to be finding his way back to the good path.

Riley promises to bury whoever leaked behind the jail.

Everyone is on their way to save Curtis.

The party is in full swing, and Bill is nowhere to be found. He's in the middle of a gunfight.

They found Curtis, though. He's a hostage, and he's on the move.

Bishop is to call in air assist. They're going mobile.

Guns are still blazing during a chase scene.

Bill is riding a horse right into a chase and gun bttle. He shoots the driver who plunges the SUV into a revine.

Quincinera music is playing.

Maggie enters her party with her daddy nowhere to be seen.

Curtis is saved, but he's not doing well. Bill says it's on him, but Curtis poo poos that. The last sheriff would have never saved him.

If he doesn't keep the job, free haircuts are over.

Carter is annoyed that he got suspended for six weeks. It's us versus them, according to Carter and his gang. Joseph chooses wisely.

Why would anyone follow that jerk?

Riley offers a deal to Jerry. Jerry's deal is that she'll leave the race because if not for her politcally motivated handling of the Johnson case, four people would still be alive.

If she doesn't drop out and resign, Jerry will arrest her.

Jerry heads back to the office and gets his file on Bill which he begins to shred.

Bill arrives dressed as Sheriff, but the smile on Maggie's face says it all. It's time for their dance.

Joseph surprises Charlie at the party with a tattoo that silences her.

Everyone is there and having fun including Roberto and Camilla.

Jerry delivers the good news to Bill, and the two say, may the best man win. Bill invites Jerry to stay for a drink.


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Deputy Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Look, man. You had my back, and from now on, we're gonna have yours.


Cade: I haven't touched it yet.
Bill: But you walked your ass in here, sat down and ordered. I'd say you're half in the bag.