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Tom is not happy about MacLeish's murder and wants to know what happened from Hannah and the FBI director.

Tom tells Aaron, Emily, and Seth the news. Turns out that Hookstraten is next in line for the vice presidency. Tom is going to speak to the people himself rather than have Seth do it.

Tom is becoming very presidential. He can't tell Alex much. Lily comes to visit, but he has to go.

Tom talks to the press corps about MacLeish's murder. He doesn't take any questions.

Hannah is at Jason's son's funeral.

Emily gives Tom the lowdown.

Seth is at the press conference when he is asked about MacLeish's shoot to kill order. Seth had no idea about the order. Tom wants to know who the leak is and wants Aaron and Emily to find the leak.

Tom tells Seth he wants to talk to the nation, but Seth advises against it.

Aaron confronts Hookstraten about leaking the shoot to kill order to the reporter. Turns out Aaron told her about it. He admits to Kirkman that he was the leak even though it was indirectly.

Tom tells Aaron to take a week to recharge. He tells Emily the information and tells her she's going to be the acting chief of staff until Aaron's return.

Seth is with his team talking about MacLeish. he tells one of his team that they need to shut down Abe Leonard.

Aaron leaves.

Hannah visits Joyner in jail to find out information. He refuses to talk. 

Alex wants to send the kids away from the White House. 

Seth is walking home when he gets accosted by his friends who want to take him out for a drink. he agrees. 

Hannah tells Kirkman what she found out from Joyner. MacLeish saved Catalan's life.

At the bar, Seth is being questioned about the MacLeish information. They are trying to get him to quit the White House.

Hannah tells Tom how she thinks Peter turned into a traitor.

Tom is watching his daughter get off to school from afar.

Emily is talking to the secretary of state nominee. He recommends a former president.

Tom and Alex talk about moving the kids away from the White House to Camp David.

Hannah visits Jason to find out information about the mystery woman. He kicks her out.

Leonard confronts Seth about his tactics and also his name. What does he mean Wright isn't his real name?

Leonard meets up with Hookstraten. He's onto something. He knows there's a connection between MacLeish and Catalan.

Alex and the kids leave the White House. 

Tom addresses the nation.

Langdon visits Aaron and Hannah is watching.

Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

This guy's like a broken watch. He's only right twice a day.


Does anyone need to take a moment? Okay. Good. Because we are in a race against the clock. The country is going to wake up to the news that their Vice President was murdered by his wife who then killed herself.