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Hannah is in the van pretending she's going to blow the van.  She takes the van and drives away with the clock ticking down. She gets the van to a lake and it blows up. The FBI arrest her.

Mike greets Kirkman and tells him what's going on. Forstell meets her at the blast site and takes her in to see Kirkman. She tells him Lozano killed Jason.

Forstell and Hannah update Kirkman on what's happening. Moss is there too.

Kirkman orders a raid on Lloyd's place.

Shore is on a talk show opposite Bowman.

Hannah leads the raid heading to Lloyd.

Lloyd gets and email about Lozano having the package and to execute. Jay Whitaker is told to execute.

Hannah and the gang arrive and no one is there. Only an escape tunnel. Hannah orders a roadblock. Information is coming in that he's all over the place. Hannah is not happy.

Abe Leonard visits Seth for a comment on tomorrow's story which is about Jason being arrested. Kirkman says he wants to meet Leonard.

Emily is on the phone with Alex talking about Tom and his unwillingness to be a politician.

Kirkman is being updated on the situation with Lloyd.

Whitaker is making a fake ID.

Chuck is updating Mike on everything that is going on that he can tell with his tracking.

Whitaker created a Pentagon ID for Lozano who has the "package." Lozano gets into the Pentagon.

Kirkman meets with Aaron to see if he knows anyone who might be the traitor. 

Mike and Chuck update Hannah about the Pentagon situation. Lozano is walking in the building to the computer area.

Leonard is waiting for Kirkman. Kirkman invites him to sit down and talk about the story. He tells Leonard the story is incomplete. 

Aaron visits Cochrane to ask for his help in trying to figure out who might be the traitor.

The security system at the Pentagon goes haywire. Lozano gets what he wants and leaves the area.

Aaron gives Kirkman the information he got from Cochrane and puts in a good word for him. Tom doesn't seem to think Cochrane was involved either.

Lozano leaves and as Hannah is driving she notices him, turns and starts following him. She chases him down and they start a foot race.They get into a fist fight.  Lozano is mortally wounded but doesn't give Hannah any new information.

Abe visits Seth in his office to tell him he'll honor the President's request, but not indefinitely.

Hannah talks to Chuck to find out if he found out any information about Lozano being at the Pentagon.

Hannah opens the email from Jason that he took before he got shot. Whitaker is BUSTED.

Hannah goes into Jason's office and  has a flashback of the first time he met Jason.

Kirkman shares the audio with Aaron, Emily and Seth. He tells Seth that he is going to hold a press conference in Congress to tell the American people the truth.

Kirkman offers Aaron a job. He accepts.

Kirkman has President Moss be his designated survivor as he addresses the nation.

Cochrane is released from House arrest.

Lloyd is still on teh trun. Haah figures out that Lozano just made the entire the entire defense structure is vulnerable and available to the highest bidder.










Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Knowing the President as well as I do, if he's holding on to any sort of secret, it's for the safety of the American people.


Nate Butcher: What do you say to all the Americans out there who are worried about a government conspiracy?
Aaron: I think President Kirkman is probably the most honest man I ever met. And I think you and Senator Bowman are trying to score political points over national security.