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President Bauer gets a phone call, "it's time".  Admiral Chernel is meeting with the president regarding the mission. The team gathers to discuss the upcoming strike.

In the PEOC, Kirkman gives the order to start the mission when one of the guys gets a phone call that they lost Nassar. The mission is aborted. Kirkman is obviously upset.

Hannah is working on the case when Jason comes into her office pleased to see her at work. Hannah asks to tag along as Kirkman gives an award to MacLeish and the first responder. Hookstraten is there at the ceremony as well.

Kirkman gives a moving story about MacLeish when Aaron calls the president out of the room. Hookstraten approaches Seth to ask about the strike and then says she'll be waiting to speak with the president.

Admiral meets with Kirkman to tell him Nassar has been found. They suggest sending in a SEAL team. the military wants to take Nassar alive. Kirkman wants to meet with the head of the the SEAL team and heads to Virginia. 

Aaron runs into Emily have a run in. He asks about Jeffery Meyers, but she doesn't know who she is.

Hannah is asking the architect of the Capitol to ask about Room 105. 

Hoostraten meets with Kirkman wanting explanations of his actions including firing of the General. She asks if they are going to war. Aaron shows up. Hookstraten does not like being kept out of the loop. 

Kirkman visits the SEAL training center. He asks to be walked through the logistics of the operation. He asks about some of the men. They all have some life events that just happened or will happen: just got married...waiting on a new baby. Kirkman learns the dangers of the mission.

Hannah checks with Hector and learns that MacLeish was found in Room 105.

Kirkman meets with Marino and Denton, two soldiers going on the mission and wishes them luck.

Hannah meets with Hookstraten. She asks for access to the renovation plans of the Capitol.

Kirkman is discussing the mission with Alex. He's so concerned about their welfare, yet he blabs to her about the mission. He shouldn't be discussing this with her.

Kirkman meets with MacLeish in the Oval Office. Hookstraten shows up as well. He tells them about the mission to capture Nassar. MacLeish approves. Hookstraten gives her support and then says she'll pull her support if the mission fails. Aaron is annoyed. 

Aaron gets a call that one of the SEAL choppers went down. They head to the PEOC. The Admiral tells Kirkman that one of the copters hit a sandstorm. Denton was hurt, but suffered minor injuries. Will it be surprising if the other SEAL gets hurt of killed?

Seth is holding a press conference. A reporter asks about military action.

Aaron and Emily talk to MacLeish about the Speaker of the House, but MacLeish doesn't want the job.

Hookstraten meets with Hannah and gives her information about the latest renovations. The latest renovations were for Room 105. Hookstraten has a condition (of course) before she hands over the classified files about the renovations.

Emily meets with Alex. She knows about Jeffrey Meyers who Alex dated twenty years ago. The guy is in federal prison. Alex is going to talk to tom about it. 

Aaron updates Kirkman about the mission.  They go to the PEOC watching the proceedings. Kirkman asked MacLeish to join them. They watch the SEALs infiltrate the hospital.

Hannah meets with Jason about MacLeish. She has proof he's involved.

Back at PEOC a gun battle takes place. Hannah tells Jason about Room 105. All the construction workers on the renovations are dead. 8 of them, all within the last two months. Is it a coincidence? No.

Kirkman is nervous watching the feed as it blacks out. They find Nassar's hiding place. Jason and Hannah are looking at Room 105 which was renovated as a bomb shelter. They find Nassar. Hannah tries to convince Jason something is wrong. Nassar takes a child hostage when a bomb goes off. They lost all contact with the SEAL team. Hannah tells Jason she believes MacLeish is in on it.

The SEALs  have Nassar, but one SEAL member was killed. Kirkman is devastated. Back at the Oval Office, Kirkman tells Alex everything. 

Emily, Seth, and Aaron are meeting when Kirkman shows up. Emily tells him MacLeish turned down Speaker of the House. Aaron tells him what happened with the congressman. Kirkman asks if he should offer the vice presidency.

Alex is in Aaron's office to talk about Jeffrey Meyer. Apparently, Meyer has been telling everyone in prison that he's the father of Leo. She doesn't say anything.

Hannah and Jason are meeting outside. Jason is nervous. He tells Hannah not to talk about anything regarding what she found.

Back on base, the dead soldier's body is taken to a holding area. Kirkman visits and pays his respects to Commander Clark. He took Denton's place when he got injured instead of working offsite to coordinate the mission.


Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Kirkman: I had to clear my entire schedule for the day. Want to know why?
Seth: Do I want to know why I have to lie to the press all day?
Kirkman: Yeah.
Seth: Okay, then let's just assume that somewhere there's going to be a military strike against the terrorists who bombed the Capitol, and I'll just know more when I know more.

Seth: How are you, sir. Seth Wright, Press Secretary.
Admiral Chernow: Ah, it's going to be a busy day for you son.