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A guy runs into what looks like a safehouse and pulls a computer out of the floor. He's sending an urgent message that Nassar's location has been confirmed. He hits send just as a group of men come in and take him down.

Kirkman arrives in the West Wing and gets briefed by Aaron. His first business of the day seems to be Congresswoman Hookstraten who wants to know what's going on with Nassar. 

Emily interrupts and tells Kirkman that Michigan has resumed its anti-Muslim stance because of the Elizabeth Vargas interview. She, Aaron, and Kirkman work together on a plan. They are interrupted by Wyatt who tells Kirkman that Cochrane wants to see him. Cochrane tells him that Nassar has been found.

Hannah watches the news about MacLeish returning home. She tells Jason about the picture of him disappearing before the bombing, but Jason won't hear any of it. He wants to know if she wants to be reassigned.

Emily goes to Michigan to meet with protesters.

Kirkman is in the PEOC. Cochrane is ready to start war, but Kirkman is concerned about the agent. He doesn't want to do anything until the agent is safe. Cochrane is not happy.

Emily arrives in Michigan only to find her plane is surrounded by police. They do not want her there. Royce tells her that Michigan does not recognize Kirkman as President.

Hannah visits MacLeish and shows him the two pictures, asking about why he disappeared. His wife tells her a story about their lost daughter and that she was texting him and that's probably why  he left. She calls Chuck for a favor.

Alex gets a call from a former client who is about to be deported.

Carter, the new press secretary is holding a press conference and is being destroyed. 

Governor Royce is giving a press conference about why he stopped Emily's plane.

Alex is on her way to the law firm, but she is requested to be seen by Tom who wants to know about federalizing the national guard in Michigan. They decide that's what they're going to do in Michigan.

Kirkman is in the cabinet room talking to the Algerian President via phone trying to come to some diplomatic solution to the issue. He is not cooperative. Cochrane still wants to go to war.

Seth is giving Carter some tips.

Hookstraten is watching the Michigan standoff in Aaron's office when he comes in. She tries to make him an ally, but he doesn't fall for it.

Alex is at her law firm and is told there's nothing to do to help Maria. 

The National Guard shows up at the airport and the general tells Emily he is not under the command of Kirkman, but under the command of Royce and refuses to do what Kirkman says.

Alex talks to Tom about Maria. He wants to step in, but she doesn't want it.

Kirkman tells Emily to come home, but Emily has a plan. 

Carter is messing up again and leaves press conference so Seth takes over. 

Emily wants protesters to come to airport.

Hannah is investigating MacLeish's phone records and sees nothing wrong. 

Protesters arrive at airport and Royce is having them arrested. She convinces Royce to come to Washington to talk to Kirkman.

Kirkman finds out Cochrane made a decision without consulting with him first. Tom fires him.

Aaron offers the job of press secretary to Seth, but he refuses.

Alex turns to Hookstraten for help who tells her she'll help her if Alex returns a favor when she needs it.

Hannah tells Jason she wants to be reassigned. Jason says he will as long as Hannah thinks about it overnight as to whether she really wants to do it.

Royce arrives in DC and Kirkman has him arrested. 

Kirkman visits Seth and asks him to take press secretary job. Seth does.

Emily visits Aaron and they have a moment.

Seth holds his first press conference.

Alex apparently made a deal with Hookstraten as Maria is reunited with her kids and is not being deported.

Hannah is looking at pictures of Scott on her phone when she gets a call from an unknown number who tells her to find room 105 and learn more about MacLeish.

Kirkman is in the PEOC and learns that the agent was killed. He puts Admiral Churno in charge and orders him to prepare for war.

Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Your boyish sincerity is your best quality, sir. I hope you don't lose it.


Kirkman: Here's a long shot. Any good news?
Aaron: Well, you slept three hours last night, sir.
Kirkman: Ah. The little things.