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Hannah and Jason want information about Nassar's death. Jason warns Hannah that whoever killed Nassar may be coming from them.

Kirkman is giving a press conference about the track and field team going to an international conference. He gets interuppted as MacLeish and his wife have arrived for dinner.

Kirkman and the MacLeish have dinner and conversation. They talk about how they met.

Aaron and Emily are talking about what they think is happening at dinner. Aaron gets a phone call and heads to the dinner to get the President. MacLeish is acting weird when his wife asks about living in DC. Wouldn't she know this being as she lives in DC too? Her husband is a congressman.

Aaron informs him that Nassar is dead. The President is not happy. Apparently Nassar was poisoned. He wants Jason there ASAP. He goes back to dinner and apologizes for having to leave. MacLeish offers his help.

Jason gets a call to head to the White House. Hannah wants Jason to tell Kirkman everything including the information about MacLeish. He goes into the Oval Office ready to tell everything he knows, but MacLeish is there at the President' request. Jason tells the President pretty much nothing because MacLeish is there. Dumb ass Kirkman doesn't get that he didn't give information because of MacLeish. Duh.

Kirkman heads "home". He tells Alex about Jason. He thinks he's lying to him. Alex says to give Jason some time.

Aaron greets Kirkman the next morning. He wants Aaron to stay on top of the Nassar investigation. Emily tells Kirkman that Coach Weston has been arrested in Russia for drugs.

Jason and Hannah talk about the case. She's going to talk to some of her sources.

Seth wants to talk to the President. He tells them about the Leo story. They meet with the President who knows all about Leo. Kirkman confronts Alex about not telling him about the other guy, Meyers. She wants to talk to Meyers to see if she can fix it. Kirkman gets a phone call from the PEOC.

Turns out that Coach Weston is a spy for the CIA. They need him back immediately. Kirkman is surprised. Obviously.

Hannah meets up with her source. He isn't very helpful. He's CIA and angry that Jason took the Nassar case from them. She mentions Catalan and he's all ears. He warns her to stay away Catalan is a mercenary and a traitor. And he's American.

Kirkman is meeting with the Ambassador from Russia. Ambassador Petrov seems very cocky. In order for them to release Weston, Russia wants all nuclear weapons removed from Turkey.

Seth is holding a press conference. He asks Lisa to hold the Leo story and she agrees for 24 hours.

Hannah tells Jason about Catalan. MacLeish visits Jason. He has stuff for him to help in the vetting process. Why would he provide all the information and not let the FBI do their own work. He wants to move it along, apparently. Jason informs him that they will be doing. There's sort of a stand down. MacLeish knows something. Hannah barges in after MacLeish leaves. She makes a stunning conclusion that the reason MacLeish gave Jason al lthe information was because he has something to hide. Great deduction powers, Hannah. Never would have guessed that one. But, the big question is if MacLeish is such a mastermind, why is he so stupid to do something as stupid as what he just did?

Kirkman is watching a press conference with Weston talking about his drug possession. Emily offers a solution.

Alex visits Meyers. He wants Kirkman to release him or he will tell his story.

Kirkman is holding a cabinet meeting when Aaron and Emily interrupt with information about Russia.

Jason and Hannah are looking at McLeish's files. He's boring. Jason gets a phone call. His son never made it home. Is that a coincidence? Probably not.

Kirkman meets with another Ambassador to make his three way deal. It's successful. Alex shows up. She tells him about her meeting with Meyers. She wants him to go through with it. And the drama drags on.

Jason meets with his wife at the school and talks to the police. 

Kirkman is down at PEOC watching the exchanges, but Weston never got on the plane.

Hannah calls Jason and he wonders if his son being gone is a coincidence.

Kirkman is not happy with what is happening with Weston. Wow. Drama. Brad Weston is a double agent.

Hannah meets with her CIA friend again. If he has information that's so dangerous, why is he going to share it. Better still, if this is national security why wouldn't he share it?

Kirkman meets with Ambassador Petrov. He calls Petrov out for playing him. 

Seth meets with Lisa and offers her an exclusive on the Weston deal to drop the Leo story.

Kirkman is leaving and sees Emily and Aaron still working. They want him to confirm MacLeish as VP. Kirkman wants to wait until he hears from the FBI about him.  Aaron shares that Jason has been out of the office all day on personal business. Kirkman doesn't like it.

Kirkman goes home and visits with Leo for a bit. Who cares about this subplot?! Seriously.

Hannah is going to her car in a parking garage. Is it a surprise that someone's going to come gunning for her? She finds her car door open and inside a package from the CIA. It's information on Catalan. She remembers the guy from the prison. She calls Jason, but he doesn't answer. He's at the baseball field looking for his son when a woman shows up. She has the boy. She wants him to meet with the president and do exactly what she wants. What?

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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Seth: I need five minutes with the President. It's personal.
Aaron: The President isn't doing personal tonight.

Remember, Mr. President, leaders are made not born. We're rooting for you, sir.

Coach West